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Conveniently located at the crest of the Hilltop at 2300 West Broad Street, this historic firehouse is home to the Greater Hilltop Community Development Corporation.

The GHCDC sponsors open community forums and business fairs, offering support to a variety of community groups, from the Historical Society to the Community Crime Patrol.

The GHCDC facilitates business that are willing to become good stewards and neighbours in the Hilltop community. Our mission is to maintain a high quality of life on the Hilltop.

Businesses can contact the GHCDC for information on funding and partnerships that encourage business development. We currently have on staff a job coordinator that offers help for those seeking employment. Information on employment on the bus line, day care facilities, along with resume preparation are available both day and evening. Call to make an appointment.

This tower at our West Broad St. Building was used by the firemen to drip dry their linen fire hoses.

 If you would like to volunteer for the Health Outreach program, The Historical Society, The Community Crime Patrol, and other civic organizations, or if you are interested in information about business opportunities

contact the GHCDC at 614 -276-0060

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