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Greater Hilltop Community Development Corp. Website



The Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Program

administered by the GHCDCseeks to create responsible business growth and expansion. The program includes design assistance for commercial property owners or tenants. Some of the funding has gone for the improvement of: business facades, street trees, This image of a hammer includes the slogan 'building a better community'pedestrian lighting and sidewalk replacement.

Included in the financial incentives offered to businesses in the NCR district on the Hilltop are the: The Commercial Improvement Loan Fund which offers non-interest bearing loans of up to $15,000 that are matched by cash or a lender of the borrower's choice. There are also a variety of interest free loans and grants for historic facade and storefront renovation.

The GHCDC most recent development was the coordination of in-fill housing at 99 Belvider on the Hilltop. The house has 2000 square feet with a bath and a half. This is the first new house in this neighborhood and promises to bring new life to this Glenwood Park area. The house is unique in its traditional appearance, blending in with the older homes surrounding it and featuring a front porch and large yard that has made this neighborhood desirable from its inception. This is just the first of three homes the CDC plans to build as a method to provide affordable housing while improving both neighborhoods and real estate values.

Job training and placement coordination is another crucial element of economic development and is a part of the CDCs’ mission. Businesses looking for West side employees are encouraged to contact the GHCDC at 614-276-0060.


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