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Lesson Plan for Laboratory and Related Technical Class



Date: 08/01/01


Program: Broadcast Video


Lesson Title:  Public Service Announcement



Performance Objective: Complete and submit on tape a thirty second PSA from pre-approved script and storyboards




Learning Center:


Strategies for Related Class or Laboratory Activities:


 1. Discussion Groups                          7.  Resource Person(s)

 2. Lecture                                                    8.  AV Presentation

 3. Demonstration                                       9.  Role Play

 4. Supervised Study                            10. Computer Aided Instruction

 5. Individual Research                                   11. Case Problem

 6. Field Trip                                           12. Other _________________


Integrated Academic Competencies (specifically write the content connection):


 Language Arts: English and creative writing technicues in the creation and direction of both audio and video script and description


 Math: Estimation of the number and length of video shots, music and voice over timing and length and in the edit an exact selection with a exact :30 sec length


 Science: The result of lights. audio and electromagnetic fields on the image and sounds captured and edited to tape


 Social Studies: The topic could address a issue of possible social interest and could call for action of a humanitarian or other social science nature


 Computer Applications: From typing the script to operating the digital editing system computers are integral in the production process


 Safety: The video shooting process both studio and field offers numerous opportunites for safety issues that will need to be managed in a site and situation specific manner


Equipment, Materials, and Other Resources:







Evaluation/Performance Assessment:


 1. Written Quiz                                          6.  Completed Project

 2. Oral Quiz                                          7.  Peer Evaluation

 3. Instructor Observation                               8.  Self Evaluation

 4. Performance Test                               9.  Written Report

 5. Written Unit Test                                   10. Other______________









Content for Learners:

Strategy and Implementation:






















































































































Lesson Summary: