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Lesson Plan for Laboratory and Related Technical Class



Date: 8/8/01


Program: Broadcast Video Production


Lesson Title: Brainstorming visual concepts


Student Performance Objective:  The entire class in one period will discuss and participate in an idea generation process to enhance their ability to think creatively and visually.  Student will be selected by the teacher to assure full participation.   A similar homework assignment will be graded on a scale 1 to 5 with a minimum effort of 3 required.


Learning Center: Video Studio/Classroom


Strategies for Related Class or Laboratory Activities:

Concepts from this exercise will be used in production meetings to generate new opening themes/looks for the school video segments.  The brainstorming techniques may be employed in both group and individual settings throughout the year when a students interest needs to be broadened or sparked.  The peer-to-peer discussion setting will also give students an opportunity to see a full range of possibilities as depicted by their classmates.


AV Presentation – Power point and projector or overheads/projector

Board/Chart T write student responses large enough for all to see

Discussion Groups C brainstorming

Case Problem – College need new advertisement

Role Play – Asking students to pretend to be working for a client and to determine what      the target age group would be attracted to.



Integrated Academic Competencies

Language Arts:  Use a paperback dictionary/thesaurus to rotate through the class and ask for each student to contribute a visual to the discussion via the book if they can’t find one without reference materials.


Math:  The session will require a minimum of 30 responses.  The homework assignment will require that they provide 20 responses.


Science: An overview of the thinking process and how our brains often shut down creative thinking with the tendency to mimic and repeat and self sensor thoughts and concepts


Social Studies:  A reference to how culture and age could both affect the types of idea we create and the types of idea that would be useful.


Computer Applications:  Students should use a word processor to submit their typed list of concepts.



Equipment, Materials, and Other Resources:

Power point computer and projector or overheads with image of completed Design School advertisement.  A flipchart/white/black board to record student comments.  Paper and pencil for each student.


Evaluation/Performance Assessment:

Attentiveness and participation will be observed by the teacher and those who are not ready to respond will be coaxed to submit a concept by going in order around the room for the first round and incorporating the dictionary/thesaurus if needed for lively discussion.


Instructor Observation of class discussion noted immediately following the session especially for those who did not enthusiastically participate, keying in to see if those students reveal/express more in the homework submission.


Homework following class session

Submit within 2 days both the typed and hand written rough initial copies listing a minimum of 20 ideas/words/images on topic given.




Interest Approach

Reveal on a power point slide


“We will meet for class Saturday at 5am”   “Students will have to wear uniforms”


Ask the class what they think about these ideas.   After repeating so the whole class can hear any negative comments. Reveal the bottom half of the slide.


“We will meet for class Saturday at 5am”   “Students will have to wear uniforms”

    So that we can go to Disneyland                        So that we can play paintball



Discuss briefly how we often: self-sensor, jump to conclusions, think negatively and that these factors affect our everyday lives but are also a detriment to the creative process.


Ask the class

1) What is the weirdest plot twist you’ve seen on Friends? (Or super bowl commercials if Friends doesn’t spark discussion)  

2) Where do these off-the-wall unique ideas come from? 

3) Why creative thinking is important in video production?

4) And how do you come up with some of your own?


Advance the to this slide:

The client

An Art & Design College in Florida is looking for a new television and magazine advertisement to encourage students to attend.


Instruct the class to have paper and pencil ready so that when the next slide comes up they will have 3 minutes to jot down their ideas.


Reveal this slide?

What age group do you think they are targeting?

What visuals do you think would help them increase enrollment? 

What images do you think would work for their advertising campaign?


If talking occurs remind student to keep quiet and come up with as many ideas as possible

Give the students a one-minute warning to wrap up their writing


Call for all pencils down at one minute


Start writing on the board the comments of the students going around the room, getting single submissions initially and then if that is going well allow for some prodding and non-controlled comments.  Lead the student to incorporate some art and design thoughts into the list if not already present.


Having listed the comments by broad categories

Florida – ocean- beach- surfing –sand

Art School – books – computers – art supplies

Target age group – young people – girls boys in college environment


Have the student select images that would also work for a travel to Florida brochure.  Using this opportunity to highlight how images are multifunctional and often too generic to have impact.



If not listed tell them that the client has requested that the sunny Florida location and bright colors have always been winning strategies in prior advertisements.  Direct students to come up with ideas in that vein.


After a reasonable amount of discussion and brainstorming stressing that no idea is a bad idea and how some idea were born from ones that students were reluctant to submit. 


Alert the students that the assignment has just gotten more focused because the client has decided to use some stock footage shot in the last campaign. (explain the term stock footage)


Reveal the power point image of the bare feet with multicolored toenails in the sand.

Let the student comment on what the image achieves in terms of appealing to the target audience – i.e. Beach lifestyle and bright colors and unique image to grab attention of young target audience.


Now direct the students to brainstorm on what the bottom half of the magazine ad would be to sell the sister Art school branch in Wisconsin.


The student now must move from a warm inviting environment imagry to a cold one and with the added restraint of having a predetermined image that must be used.


Direct the entire class starting with a round the room approach to assure all have input and then opening up to discussion concepts for the Wisconsin portion.


After a reasonable amount of input reveal the bottom half of the ad.


Ask the students if this process offered ideas they would never have come up with on their own?


Did the requirement of using a predetermined image narrow their focus?


Assign the homework and ask that they refrain from discussing their ideas amongst themselves so that when we discuss their results in class in tow days there will be opportunities for generating more ideas through the element of surprise




















Student Name



Brainstorm Homework Assignment:

Due in 2 days a list of a minimum of 20 ideas/images for the Dublin Rocks graphics used during the in-school broadcasts.  Submit you handwritten rough copy along with typewritten version with you name on both due at the start of class. 


Scoring is as follows:


Scoring Key Class participation in Art School Sceneraio

1= No participation



4=Active participation

5= Exceeded expectations


_____ Participation in class discussion

_____ Participation with respect for others




Scoring Key Homework


1= Late

2=Less than 50% submitted on time

3=Less than minimum submitted but effort apparent

4=Minimum submitted in the proper format

5=Exceeded expectations


______ Homework assignment grade


Scoring Key Class participation in Homework Class Discussion

1= No participation



4=Active participation

5= Exceeded expectations


_____ Participation in class discussion

_____ Participation with respect for others