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                   News Program                                                 SHOT LIST EXERCISE # 1

























(News announcer voice fades in over eyewitness theme music)


The auto tire industry is in the news again today.


Court record state that over a million cats paw tires currently in use don’t meet safety standards. 


There are reports that the summer heat is part of the tire safety problem


Drivers may experience some difficulty in controlling the vehicle in these warm weather conditions.


Safety testing reports have shown that the unsafe tires alter the maneuverability of the vehicle.



Movie Script Segment                                            SHOT LIST EXERCISE # 2





















(Radio Announcer booming voice with pop music underneath)


“Welcome to the morning drive,


 it’s going to be a scorcher today,


Traffic is backed up fopr miles on 315.


Construction has slowed traffic to a crawl.


There are reports of debris in the road

so drive with caution!


Stay tuned to the morning show

sponsored by ACME tires.




Write Wide  Medium and Close Up shots directions in the video column to match the information in the audio / script column.  Change shots as often as you feel necessary using all three types of shots at least once.


Children’s Program  - Shoe Tying Segment




































(Music up for :03 then fades under)


Today we are going to learn how to tie a shoe.



To make it easy on old folks it’s handy if there is a place to prop the foot.



Now that my feet are a little easier to reach if will use a standard bow tying method.



First crossing the strings and then creating two loops I will tie them in a knot.



This is a great method for teaching very young children.



Next I will easily untie this knot so that I can show you an alternate method.


After crossing the string I will use the chase the rabbit through the hole and around the tree method to tie a very secure knot.



Which one do you use to tie your shoe?