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There are many aspects of the Hilltop that make it Greater,

The Hilltop library at the corner of Hauge and Sullivantfrom the integrity and variety of the houses and neighborhoods to it's historical significance in Columbus's development.

The new Hilltop Library is a tribute to the cohesiveness of the community. Serving as a meeting place for numerous community groups, the building incorporates many architectural elements from the famous Central Ohio Psychiatric Hospital.

The GHCDC along with the Historical Society, helped to facilitate the preservation of ornate, hand-carved ceiling beams, which are now the roof trusses for the New Hilltop library. Banister with newel posts, a marble fireplace and stained glass windows were also restored and placed in the library.

The New State Office Buildings now reside where the psychiatric hospital once stood. Unique pieces from the massive structure were preserved with the help of the GHCDC and the Historical society. These elements latter found their way to prominent positions at both the library and the new outdoor plaza A historical Hilltop time line in stone has recently been added to the plaza between the new buildings. Quotes from Hilltopper's and a fountain depicting the glacial period are part of the display. Columns and ornate entrance arches from the old hospital are a part of the outdoor parks upper deck. Beyond the path of stones, and bits of history is a great view of the Downtown skyline.

This west Columbus map shows the Hilltop terrritory in green with Broad, Sullivant, Clime and Hauge Streets marked Over the years the Hilltop has been defined by many different boundaries. Today it is often referred to as the Greater Hilltop Area. The green area on the map is the Hilltop, from I-70 on the North, to the railroad on the East and I-270 on the South and West. Downtown fireworks and skyline views are best from the Crest of the Hilltop just west of the Broad Street intersection with Interstate 70 West. the crest once housed the Psychiatric Hospital and is now home to State Administrative offices. A skyline viewing park with a recently installed commemorative park can be found between the office towers.

Westgate park in the heart of the hilltop was developed during the Public Works Project in the 1940's The stone shelter houses and large fishing pond are some of the distinctive landmarks. The Westgate recreation center offers activities from kiln fired ceramics and jazz aerobics, to tennis lessons and year-round basketball. The park has a mile long paved trail, fishing pond, soccer and softball fields, racquetball courts, tennis walls and a childrens' playground. The park hosts the annual Bean Dinner, and Music in the Air concerts in the summer.


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