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GHCDC 2001 News

Winter Spring
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Bricks and Mortar Build a Dream

 Drive a little way down Clarendon Avenue and you will come to one of the best new developments in the Hilltop.  Brick by brick the dream of a new youth center is becoming a reality.   After more than 30 years of service to the community, the J. Ashburn Junior Youth Center is about to have its own home.
The center was previously located in rented space in the basement of the former Oakley Baptist Church on Highland Avenue.  However, when it become evident that the condition of the building was no longer suitable for programming, the organization began the daunting task of raising money for a new facility.

Fortunately for the Hilltop the group is succeeding.  With a projected completion date of early Autumn. The new center will have a gymnasium, a multipurpose community activity room, a technology and learning center, arts and crafts facilities, a fitness training center, and an indoor walking path. 

Ashburn progress continues, photo taken March 2001

The new facility and the expanded space will allow the staff to upgrade existing programming and to expand its services to meet the growing needs of the community.  The Hilltop will be a better place to live and work Many thanks go to all the individuals, groups and entities both public and private that have supported this project.

National Road Scenic Byway Meeting

  The process to secure “National Scenic Byway” status for the National Road, or as we on the Hilltop know it, West Broad Street, takes another  important step this month.  And, appropriately enough it will take place on the National Road, here in the Hilltop at Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church.

To facilitate the application process and to get good community involvement, the  National Road through Ohio was divided into three working regions: east, central and western.  Each region has been gathering information and making recommendations to the consulting firm that will be preparing the application. 

Of  prime importance to the application is the development of a “management plan” that will provide strategies to preserve the road through Ohio and make it a travel destination. The strategies will address a number of issues: how to enhance the traveler’s experience; how to protect and preserve its historic sites; how to enhance the road’s safety and design; how to accommodate new development along the road while maintaining its historic character;  how to market the National Road to visitors; how to interpret the history, culture and natural setting of the road, and highlight the recreational opportunities.

The Central Regional Working Group will meet on Thursday, April 19, 7:30 PM at Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church, 2930 W. Broad St.  This meeting is being organized by the members of the Scenic Byway Advisory Group and the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.  Leading the meeting will be Carol Truppi. President, HRG Consultants, Inc of Washington, D.C.  The meeting is free and open to the public,  for more information call the GHCDC at 276-006.

The year 2003 will mark the 200th anniversary of Ohio Statehood and the 200th birthday of Franklin County.

The Hilltop 2003 Committee will meet on Monday, May 21, 2001 at the GHCDC, 2300 W. Broad St. at 7:00 PM. to continue its planning efforts. The  public is welcome.

A grant application has been made to the Longaberger Legacy Bicentennial Initiative for a historic maker  to be placed in the planned National Road Plaza that will be developed in the lot between the old and new #17 Fire Stations.

Do You Remember When?   
Do you remember when there was a Confectionery or two on almost every block of West Broad Street?  Or when the old Rivoli Theater  at the corner of S. Oakley and Broad and the Westmont Theater near Warren and Broad were showing the latest films from Hollywood? More importantly, do you happen to have any old photos of buildings, people, or events that give us a hint of how West Broad Street used to look?

  One of the special projects being discussed for 2003 is a joint effort between  the Hilltop Historical Society and the Greater Hilltop CDC to document some of the changes that have taken place along W. Broad Street over the last one hundred years.

If you have any old photos that could be copied or have some memories to share or would like to work on this project contact the GHCDC


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